Dell Achieves Huge Boost in Data Server Efficiency

Data servers made by Dell Computer (Nasdaq: DELL) are 31 times more efficient than they were five years ago, the company says in its latest Corporate Responsibility report.

In addition, Dell laptops and desktops designed in the past year use 25% less energy than they did in 2008, and the boxes those computers ship in are about 11% smaller.

Dell says its sustainability focus is concentrated on efficiently managing its own operations, developing energy efficient products and services, shipping products with sustainable packaging materials, and providing simple recycling options for customers.

Dell is now hosting customer data as part of its IT solutions strategy, which increases Dell’s overall power consumption, while reducing it for customers. It plans to leverage its  expertise in efficient data center management to keep that  energy use in check.

In 2010, Dell was named the Greenest Company in America by Newsweek magazine. Other Corporate Responsibility highlights include:

  • Nearly $6 billion in reduced electricity costs for customers since 2005 through Dell’s Energy Smart systems;
  • Surpassed its goal to reduce packaging volume by 10%;
  • Increased shipments of laptops and smartphones in bamboo packaging;
  • Beginning a pilot program to ship servers in compostable mushroom packaging;
  • Free global recycling in 78 countries and equipment drop off sites at over 3,700 Goodwill and Staples locations in the US and Canada;
  • Recycled over 150 million pounds of end-of-life computer equipment, a 16% increase over 2009. Dell is on track to recycle 1 billion pounds by 2014.

Dell also notes its social responsibility efforts. The company gives 1% of pre-tax profits toward programs that benefit education, health and children. The funds support the company’s YouthConnect program, the Dell Social Innovation competition, and contributions to disaster relief.

Dell also was named to DiversityInc.’s Top 50 Companies list; the Working Mother’s 100 Best Companies list; and received a perfect score on the Corporate Equality Index of the Human Rights Campaign for seventh time in a row.

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