Neptune Wind Wants to Build Massachusett's Second Offshore Wind Farm

Neptune Wind announced it intends to develop, construct and operate an offshore wind farm about 20 nautical miles south of the Massachusetts/Rhode Island border.

The "Nomans Wind" farm would be 500 megawatts (MW),  employing next generation offshore turbines designed for the strong wind conditions in the area.

At that size, it would be larger than the controversial 468 MW Cape Wind project planned for Nantucket Bay to the northeast.

Water depths at the Nomans site range from 20-40 meters, requiring the use of a jacket structure foundation that can withstand harsh marine conditions.

Neptune Wind plans to submit a nomination for the Nomans Wind proposed lease area by the October 3rd, 2011 deadline established by the Department of Interior’s Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation and Enforcement.

In addition, the company says it will use a new portside facility in New Bedford, Massachusetts for some manufacturing and construction operations, and is also exploring port and other facilities in Rhode Island at Quonset Point to complement its New Bedford activities.

Neptune submitted a Nomination for a project in federal waters off the coast of New Jersey earlier this year and has expressed interest in other potential lease areas south and southwest of Nantucket Island, Massachusetts.

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