Greener Package Awards Honor Yogurt Cups, Mushroom Packaging

Stonyfield Farm’s new yogurt cup and mushroom packaging by Ecovative were among the winners in the third annual Greener Package Awards.

The awards, hosted by Summit Media Group, Inc., recognize companies that demonstrate outstanding efforts in creating green packaging.

Among other guidelines, this year’s entries were required to include verifiable data for at least one aspect of environmental impact. Environmental impact categories include: greenhouse gas reduction, sourcing metrics/impacts, end-of-life recovery metrics/impacts, life-cycle metrics/impacts, and/or social impacts.

Organic yogurt producer Stonyfield Farm received high marks for its switch from a high-impact polystyrene yogurt cup, to one containing 93% renewable polylactic acid plastic. The new packaging reduces greenhouse gases 48% versus petroleum-based packages.

Ice River Springs, a private label bottled water supplier, was recognized in 2010 as the first in North America to make its own recycled PET resin and 100% recycled PET bottle in-house. Its  new recycling plant in Shelburne, Ontario, Canada boasts a closed-loop recycling system to facilitate its sustainability efforts.

Ecologic Brands won for its multi-component molded-pulp package for Seventh Generation’s new 4X concentrated laundry detergent. The molded-pulp outer shell is made from 70% recycled cardboard and 30% old newspapers. 

Packaging supplier Ecovative won for developing protective mushroom root-based packaging, which is designed to package ready-to-assemble office furniture for Steelcase Inc.

Intelligent Thermal Solutions, makes reusable and returnable refrigerated shipping containers that use less material and maintain cold temperatures. 

Starbucks Coffee, International Paper, Georgia-Pacific, and Mississippi River Pulp worked together on recycling processes for single-serve, coated hot cups.

APPE was honored for expanding its PET recycling facility to the largest food grade recycled PET producer in Europe. It invested  $14 million to increase its Beaune, France, recycling plant capacity by 40%. 

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