Postal Service Saves $400 Million Using Energy Management Technology

Energy management technology has allowed the US Postal Service (USPS) to save more than $400 million in energy costs since 2007 and reduce total energy usage 30% since 2003.

Energy management systems capture data from across USPS facilities that is then used to perform self-diagnostic and optimization routines and to produce trend analysis and annual consumption forecasts.

By measuring, monitoring and managing energy use, USPS leadership says it is able to take advantage of future cost-saving opportunities and motivate employees to participate in responsible, energy-conscious behavior.

"Postal employees are committed to working every day to reduce energy use at Post Offices, mail processing facilities and all our buildings," says Tom Samra, vice president, Facilities. "Energy audits since FY 2007 have helped us identify potential reductions of nearly 3 trillion Btus with potential cost savings of more than $150 million per year."

In June 2011, USPS reported an overall 8% decrease in its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from an FY 2008 baseline. The reduction of 1,067,834 metric tons of CO2 is an amount equal to the average annual electricity use of approximately 130,000 U.S. households. Lower energy use at USPS facilities represented nearly 50% of the GHG reduction.

Energy-conservation actions at USPS are part of a comprehensive strategy to reduce GHG emissions 20% by 2020.

USPS highlighted the cost savings to mark the one-year anniversary of the completion of an enormous green roof at a distribution facility in New York City. Green roofs employ vegetation on the tops of buildings to capture rainwater and reduce the amount of cooling needed in the spaces below.

The nearly 2.5-acre green roof, atop the Morgan Mail Processing and Distribution Facility, is the city’s largest green roof. Combined with other energy-saving enhancements, the Morgan roof helped the facility save more than $1 million in energy costs and 40% in energy use in its first year.

USPS also is encouraging its customers to "Go Green" with forever stamps that urge people to "Adjust the Thermostat" and "Turn off Lights Not in Use".

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