Bloomberg Achieves 200% Return on Sustainability Investments

Media company Bloomberg has achieved a 200% return on investments in sustainability, the company says in its first publicly released sustainability report.

For every $1 spent on sustainability, Bloomberg says it saves $2 in operating costs, resulting in a net savings of $25 million since 2008.

Bloomberg began formally looking at sustainability as a business issue five years ago. Since then, the program has evolved from an employee engagement platform and highly effiective management tool, to a unique source of innovation and opportunity, the company said.

Bloomberg’s efforts include leveraging its core expertise to integrate sustainability information into business decision-making for its expanding customer base. In 2008, Bloomberg began to integrate Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) data into its equity platform. And in 2009, the company acquired New Energy Finance, a provider of clean energy and carbon markets information.

The report highlights a number of achievements:

  • In the past 3 years, Bloomberg has initiated over 300 sustainability projects in 24 countries
  • The company reduced emissions from its core business 2.4% from 2007 levels
  • Core emissions normalized by revenue decreased by over 20% against the company’s 2007 baseline
  • Bloomberg Markets and Bloomberg Businessweek are printed on paper from sustainable forests (FSC certified)
  • Over 5,000 users in 29 countries have accessed more than 50 million sustainability data sets from the Bloomberg Professional service
  • All new PCs and flat panels shipped to customers are Energy Star
  • Nearly half of Bloomberg’s 13,000+ employees will sit in LEED Certified office space by 2012
  • Bloomberg diverted 59% of its waste from landfills via recycling and composting programs
  • carried 1,976 stories on clean energy and environmental issues in 2010
  • In the past 3 years, Bloomberg News has won 43 journalism awards related to its coverage in social and environmental issues

"It is not only important for companies to develop sustainability strategies, but also to report on their results," said Peter Grauer, Chairman of Bloomberg L.P. "Disclosure, transparency and access to information are critical drivers of shared knowledge surrounding sustainability. As members of the global business community, it is our responsibility to ensure this information is made available – and to elevate the conversation."

The Bloomberg Sustainability report is available at the link below.

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