Baltimore Gas & Electric Chooses OPower Smart Grid Platform for Customer Engagement

Energy management software company Opower announced that Baltimore Gas & Electric Company (BGE) selected Opower’s Advanced Customer Engagement (ACE) platform as the front-end solution for its upcoming smart meter rollout.

Smart meters are advanced digital meters that allow two-way communication between customers’ homes and businesses with utilities.

BGE’s deployment of the OPOWER customer engagement platform will be one of the nation’s first, full-scale rollouts of its kind, eventually reaching 1.2 million residential and small business customers through a wide array of communication channels. The rollout is expected to begin shortly after BGE begins installing smart meters later this year.

Opower’s ACE platform takes individual and neighborhood energy-usage data and transforms it into personalized reports that help customers understand their own energy usage more clearly. The reports also offer advice on ways to reduce energy use, helping customers lower their gas and electricity bills.

At the center of the customer engagement approach will be a new online tool that allows customers to sign up to receive alerts on bill-related issues. Opower’s multi-channel engagement approach is unique in the industry in its ability to engage all customer segments–regardless of their age, income, education, or access to technology.

Opower said it is now contracted with 55 utilities to engage nearly 10 million homes across the country. The company says its platform has already delivered more than 200 GWHs in verified energy savings, and is on track to deliver more than $500 million dollars in verified bill savings for utility customers across the country over the next five years.

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