Analyzes Green Purchases by Location

California, New Hampshire, and Vermont residents purchase the most green products, according to, based on what people buy on their website.

The company used a sales analytics program to pinpoint and map which states are purchasing the greenest products.

  • Florida, Nevada and California are the top three states for energy savings purchases compared to the national average.
  • Residents of Missoula, Montana purchase more than five times the national average for environmental books.
  • Vermont, Massachusetts and Washington represent the top states of "greener parents," leading the pack with green parenting products (green toys, green diapers, etc)
  • Daytona Beach, FL residents take advantage of their sunny climate, with the most purchases of solar panels.
  • Grand Junction, CO buys over three times the national average of composting products
  • Santa Cruz, CA purchases the most Green Toilets in the nation

Amazon says its findings provide a larger picture of how America is going green. Its map shows "hot" or "cold" zones in the US based on their deviation from the national average for green purchases.

View the map and read more analysis:

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