1000 MW California Blythe Solar Project Moves Ahead

The U.S. Department of Energy offered a conditional commitment for a $2.1 billion loan guarantee to Solar Trust of America, LLC to support construction of two 242 megawatt (MW) concentrated solar thermal power plants.

As the largest solar project in the world, it would create over 1000 solar jobs and billions of dollars in private investment to California.

The two plants constitute the first phase of Solar Trust’s 1,000 MW Blythe Solar Power Project currently under development in Riverside County, California.

The completed 1,000 MW facility will deliver almost 10% of the federal Energy Policy Act of 2005’s 10 Gigawatt goal for renewable energy generation on public lands by 2015.

The conditional commitment marks a critical financial milestone in the realization of the Blythe project.

This first phase of the Blythe Solar Power Project is expected to create a total of 7,500 construction, operations and supply chain jobs throughout the United States, including more than 1,000 direct construction jobs in Riverside County, where the December 2010 unemployment rate was 14.2%.

The Blythe Solar Power Project will use parabolic trough concentrating solar thermal technology, which uses large mirrors to reflect the sun’s heat onto tubes of oil which then boil water in a closed system. The steam generated turns turbines to create electricity, and most of the water is recycled back into the system.

The facility is dry-cooled using large fans, and consumes 90% less water than a traditional wet-cooled solar facility of this size. Each 242 MW unit is expected to use as much water as a typical municipal golf course.

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Comments on “1000 MW California Blythe Solar Project Moves Ahead”

  1. Randy

    Yes, it is a union jobsite. Kiewit is the General Contractor in Kansas City. No electrical has been chosen, but Kiewit owns Mass Electric.

  2. Adam

    I am a carpenter(union) was wondering if you can give out contact info for kiewits structural superintendent for this job.

  3. Josh

    I am a construction plumber in the Coachella Valley, easy commute for me to Blythe area. Do you have a company name, contact, # for applying for this construction project? Thank you for your help.

  4. roland

    i am a seasoned worker interested so much to work in this project iam a mechanical engineering graduate,can you help me to apply in this Blythe projects? thank you for your help

  5. Tim Lorenz

    I am a state certified union electrician with 21 years experience.I’m interested in working on the project,I live in Palm Springs,driving distance. please send me some info.Very dependable

  6. Robyn Mancell

    Robyn Mancell

    Date Posted:
    12/16/11 12:55 AM
    Hi Randy, I own a green recruiting company and I would like to offer my support and service in helping you find the right talent for this project. My dad has been a resident of Blythe for many years and ministers a local church. They are opening a restaurant in Blythe in Jan. Please let me know how we can be of service. We are a hands on recruiting company and have many contacts in green/solar and renewable energy

  7. Mark

    I am an experienced journeyman electrician interested in getting involved and working on the Blythe project.I live in Lake Havasu City, but am willing to re-locate.Please send me any info. about how to apply or where to send me resume. Thank you.

  8. Mel Turner

    Can anyone tell me who the New contractor is for this project. I know Keiweit was the general contractor but who is the general contractor now?


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