Dylan Ratigan Show Streaming Here: 8PM EST Clean Energy Summit Live!

The Dylan Ratigan Show is holding a live energy summit on how to free America from imported oil using efficiency and renewables.  The show starts at 8PM tonight, March 31 and runs for about an hour and a half.

Watch the show here:

Panelists include:

Boone Pickens, Oil Tycoon and Founder, BP Capital Management
Ashwin Madia, VoteVets.org
Bob Deans, Natural Resources Defense Council
James Woolsey, former CIA Director


Watch live streaming video from dylanratigan at livestream.com
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  1. R.L.Davis

    Syntroleum, a company from Tulsa, Oklahoma, and food giant Tyson Foods have just started up a new plant/refinery that makes 75,000,000 gallons of high-test diesel fuel from chicken by-products! They can convert natural gas with their proprietary process as well as other feed stocks. The possibilities are endless.


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