LVestus Energy Raises $750M for Innovative Geothermal

A new geothermal heating and cooling company, LVestus Energy, Inc., announced that it raised $750 million in initial project funding from Sundance Capital Group.

The company is using a unique business model that’s popular for small-scale solar development and–more recently–small scale wind. 

Municipalities, universities, schools and other large customers can have a geothermal heating and cooling system installed with no upfront costs, and instead pay for the system over time with the money saved in energy efficiency.

LVestus Energy’s GeoTPA™ (Thermal Purchase Agreement) program potentially makes geothermal energy a more cost-effective way to heat or cool a commercial facility.

“Given the recent price instability in the energy sector, municipalities, institutions and corporate customers are seeking energy alternatives that provide affordable, stable and predictable long-term energy costs," said SCG Chairman Michael Bowen.

This first round of project capital will be provided through SCG’s Bright Matter Energy Fund, will be dedicated to the installation of geothermal loop fields, the on-site underground structures used to extract heat from the ground in the winter and reject heat in the summer.

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Comments on “LVestus Energy Raises $750M for Innovative Geothermal”

  1. PenelopeBall

    I started out by doing an evaluation of whether my money would be better spent in an investment vehicle or an energy efficiency measure. I bought books on solar, wind, fuel cells, green homes, and geothermal. Take it from a real serious investor…geothermal heating is the place I put some serious money. I can now say I’m green in the environment and with my investments. The trick is to make certain you get involved with the right company. So many don’t know what they’re doing. This book taught me everything I needed to know to talk the talk of geothermal HVAC (see-I didn’t even know what HVAC meant a few months ago). This might be the hottest investment book of the year, and I don’t think the author’s even have a clue (about the investment part, I mean). Great all around book…real fun, readable, just good solid information. Google “Geothermal Book”

  2. michael thomas

    Do you do research prior to publishing articles? The article concerning LVestus is very suspect. First and foremost, Sundance Capital Group, LLC is owned by Robert Redford for funding movies and does not have a fund called Bright Matter Energy. You are leading your readers down crediability path.

    Do you verify the credentials for the owners of LVestus? Do they even have the ability to put a financial package worth $750 million together. This would take individuals with substantial amount of wealth and experience.

    This article is very suspect in my opinion.


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