GOP Wants to Eliminate Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)

Among the key energy efficiency, renewable energy and clean transportation cuts Republicans are proposing in their quest to eliminate $2.5 trillion in spending, is a recommendation that the U.S. withdraw funding for the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

The IPCC does not do original research nor does it prescribe policies. Instead, it synthesizes available science on climate change to help the public and policymakers make sense of the evolving science.

The funding supports logistical costs for organizing research from thousands of scientists from around the world who work without direct compensation for their considerable time and effort drafting, reviewing and editing IPCC documents.

The document released by the Republican Study Committee assumes the US spends a paltry $12.5 million a year as its contribution to the IPCC. According to the IPCC, however, its total projected 2011 budget is less than $10 million.  US funding has fluctuated between about $200,000 and $5.6 million over the history of the IPCC.

"It’s bad enough that some of these policymakers have chosen to put on blinders when it comes to climate science and protecting Americans from climate change," said Lexi Shultz, Climate and Energy Legislative Director of the Union of Concerned Scientists. "Now they’re trying to cut funding from a distinguished panel that sheds light on these issues for the entire world."

"It’s sad that members of Congress who refuse to recognize scientific reality continue to obstruct efforts to reduce global warming emissions and go after the IPCC. Many U.S. scientists contribute to the IPCC’s efforts and they represent some of our nation’s best minds," Shultz said. "At the very least, the public deserves to know just how serious the risks of climate change are and not be misled by politicians who continue to block progress on clean energy."

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Comments on “GOP Wants to Eliminate Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)”

  1. mememine69

    News Editors are the new criminals of climate change!
    Its time we made the mainscream media accountable for perpetuating this needless fear of “unstoppable warming” and death for our children on a dying planet from SUV gas. News editors led us knowingly to a false war of climate change. Send mail to your leaders and have MSNBC and other news organizations charged with treason for leading us to a war with no enemy.
    Media is the enemy now. Don’t trust them. Don’t read them. Don’t listen to them. Don’t watch them. Don’t give them any more credibility. The net is a learning tool and we can decide for ourselves. We don’t need mainscream media anymore. Scientists, consultants, lab coat consultants, PR firms, politicians, blood thirsty media, carbon stock trading………..WAKE UP!

  2. BobWales

    It really is a shame to see the republican party being so un-wise about this issue. If your doctor tells you after examination and tests that you are seriously ill and need surgery ill might get a second opinion. If after dozens of opinions and many tests you still ignore the doctors you are an idiot. The climate doctors across the planet are telling us we need to act now. We might not like it but we would be fools to ignore it. The rest of the world needs America to lead on solving this.


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