Suniva's First Utility-Scale Solar Farm in Georgia

Solar manufacturer Suniva, Inc. and project developer ESA Renewables, LLC today celebrate the commissioning of the first Suniva-supplied, utility-scale power plant in the company’s home state of Georgia.

The 1-megawatt (MW) solar farm, located about 100 miles northeast of Atlanta in Blairsville, GA, is also the largest privately held, ground-mounted system in Georgia, a state which lags behind much of the country in solar development.

“This major milestone project is a significant step forward for the development of the clean energy industry in Georgia,” said Jeffrey Burkett, President of ESA Renewables.

The project utilizes four of Advanced Energy’s 260kW PV Powered inverters and 4,340 solar modules from Suniva, which are expected to cumulatively generate approximately 1,303,000 kWh of energy annually. The power will be sold to Tennessee Valley Authority through its Generation Partners pilot, which provides incentives for the installation of renewable generation systems.

State law in Georgia is currently holding back the development of
a strong solar industry in the state. The Georgia Territorial Electrical Services Act
makes it illegal for non-utilities to sell electricity. As a result,
project developers are unable to build large rooftop solar installations
to sell the output to building occupants. Such power purchase agreements
are one of the major drivers for the development of the solar industry
in states like California, New Jersey and North Carolina.

By law,
solar developers in Georgia must sell their electrical output to a
utility, which can then market it to commercial and residential clients.

“Installations like Mr. Pippin’s are propelling Georgia towards a more enlightened and sustainable way of meeting our power requirements by generating clean solar energy that can be sold directly into the grid,” said Bryan Ashley, chief marketing officer of Suniva.

Located in Lake Mary, FL, ESA Renewables owns and operates a diverse portfolio of over 400 solar PV power generating facilities located in the United States, Puerto Rico, Spain and Italy. ESA’s scope of services includes financing, engineering, construction, testing and operation and maintenance.

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Comments on “Suniva's First Utility-Scale Solar Farm in Georgia”

  1. Tara L. Bradley

    Great strategic partnership between GA, TN, & FL entities. The southeast has the sun capacity to support large scale solar energy projects; it was really smart for the regional based players to pull this together. Hopefully, this will prove to GA lawmakers & utility companies that renewable energy is real & offers a global marketplace for capitalism!


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