What's on the Table for the Organic Industry in 2010?

What’s on the table for the organic industry in USDA’s National Organic Program (NOP) this coming year?

Organic agriculture’s presence and legitimacy in the USDA continue to grow as evidenced by:

– work to incorporate organic into the implementation of the Farm Bill;
– establishment of a department-wide Organic Working Group to facilitate inter-agency coordination and communication about policies, programs, data and research results pertaining to organic agriculture, products and markets;
– a new Organic Policy Advisor position;
– more inter-agency projects such as establishing international tracking codes to facilitate international trade of organic products.

A new Office of Inspector General audit will evaluate whether milk marketed as "organic" meets NOP standards and to determine the adequacy of oversight provided by certifying agents.

NOP is also launching "Organic Integrity from Farm to Table, Consumers Trust the Organic Label," a strategic plan to facilitate trade and ensure integrity of organic agricultural products by consistently  implementing organic standards and enforcing compliance with regulations around the world.

Now that the Republicans have taken over the House, at least 15 of the 28 Democrats on the House Agriculture Committee will be gone. Frank Lucas (R-OK) is likely to take over as Chair; Jean Schmidt (R-Ohio) will probably chair the Horticulture and Organic Subcommittee. On the Senate side, Debbie Stabenow (D-MI) will likely be Chair.

Among the Organic Trade Association’s (OTA) priorities is to educate new committee members on the benefits that organic products provide for human and environmental health, and rural economies.

OTA members identified continuing consumer education on the benefits of organic and subsidies of conventional agriculture as major barriers to the growth of the industry. Other barriers include contamination by genetically modified  organisms (GMOs) and inconsistent enforcement of organic regulations.

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Comments on “What's on the Table for the Organic Industry in 2010?”

  1. Dawnie Webster

    Will there be jobs for high tech welders in the new Green energy fields?
    As for the new Republican seats in the Congress. they need to realize that we are all on the same side. They needs to cut the BS and do something for their country for a change. Like not outsourcing jobs that were their countryman’s to begin with. You gave away a lot of tax revenue, remember? Congress needs to come up to snuff with green energy or be left in the dust. They need to forget their parties personal agendas and do something for the people for a change. That is supposed to be their job, but they have done nothing but subversion lately. I would hate to see a revolution in our country but perhaps that is what it will take! And stop filling our food with harmful junk and go with organics.


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