Florida Inmates To Receive Training in Solar Installation

The Florida Department of Corrections has been awarded a $740,000 federal grant to establish a technology program to train inmates nearing release to become certified in Photovoltaic System (solar panel) installation. The grant was awarded by the Department of Justice as part of the Second Chance Act Technology Careers Training Demonstration Projects for Incarcerated Adults.

The Department’s Teaching and Enhancing Careers in High technology (TECH) program will be established at Sago Palm Work Camp in Palm Beach county, which recently became the third prison dedicated to preparing soon-to-be released inmates for their successful re-entry into society. Re-entry facilities house inmates with three years or less on their sentences who are returning to specific counties, and ramp up their educational, vocational and treatment classes so they’ll be better prepared to find employment and keep it upon release.

The grant funds will be used to provide remedial academic tutoring; a nine month, 1,200 hour Electrical Technology Career and Technical Education component; on-the-job training; peer mentoring; case management; and post-release career assistance. The Department will partner with a fully licensed and accredited technical center in the Palm Beach area to provide Solar PV System training, leading to inmates earning a North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners certificate prior to release. Training will include a mobile training unit that houses a PV demonstration module so inmates can gain hands-on experience.

The Sago Palm Re-Entry Center already provides academic classes; vocational programs in PC Support; and canine training — where inmates train service dogs; betterment, transition and counseling programs; and a faith and character-based component.

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  1. Michelle Joss

    The only thing Sago Palm offers is really GED, and the dor training program.. It is sad that they do not offer more courses at all facilities to rehabilitate our inmates and loved ones.. Its very upsetting as a tax payer and the future civilian that will not recieve any proper job training for their future..


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