Ethanol-Powered Vehicle Wins Automotive X-Prize

The X PRIZE Foundation last week awarded $10 million to three teams who successfully completed the Automotive X PRIZE, which began in 2008 to inspire a new generation of super fuel-efficient
vehicles capable of achieving 100 miles per gallon or the energy
equivalent (MPGe).

The winning teams–Edison2 of Lynchburg, Virginia; X-Tracer of Winterthur, Switzerland; and Li-ion Motors Corp. of Mooresville, North Carolina–emerged from an original field of 111 competing teams, representing 136 vehicle entries from around the world.

Edison2 was the "Mainstream Class Winner," receiving $5 million dollars for a four-wheeled vehicle powered by E85 ethanol that weighed only 850 pounds. 

The X-Tracer vehicle and Li-ion Motors vehicle are both battery-powered electric vehicles.

Read New York times coverage at the link below.

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