Saft, Acciona Team Up on Solar Energy Storage

French battery maker Saft (SAFT.PA) announced a three-year deal to work with Spain’s Acciona
Energia SA (ANA.MC) to improve the viability of
photovoltaic and other renewable energy source power plants.

The project aims to demonstrate
the technical and financial benefits of using a containerized energy storage, conversion and
management system to provide grid ancillary services as well as power management to help
smooth the plant output.

As part of the initial project at a photovoltaic (PV) plant in Tudela, Spain, Saft will develop a
modular lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery system to be housed inside a six-meter container designed
for industrial applications. The container includes active temperature control systems and a
fire suppression system.

The project also seeks to integrate PV plants within the grid as conventional power plants by
means of new control systems to be developed by Acciona Energia, including test of new PV
technologies, with a final aim of reducing the Cost of Energy (LCOE) and providing additional
services such as ancillary services, improving grid stability and back up power security.

“With the ever increasing contribution of renewables in our electricity mix, it is of crucial
importance to improve the electrical behaviour of renewable power plants The decision to
work with Saft on this project was a natural one”, said Miguel Arrarás, Solar PV Development
Director Acciona Energia. “In addition to their batteries’ high energy-efficiency and reliability,
their containerized solution is ideal when it comes to addressing environmental constraints of
field deployment.”

As part of the system, Saft will be able to offer the customer 1.1-megawatt (MW) power at up to 1,000 volts.
Each container is scalable and will interface with existing power conversion devices.

“We believe the introduction of
containerized energy storage makes photovoltaic and other renewable energy source plants
an increasingly attractive option for the future," said François
Bouchon, Director of the Energy Storage Business Unit, Saft. "The ability to address issues around reliability,
stability and power management is a huge step for the power industry in its efforts to integrate
ecological concerns.”


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