6,000 US Business Call for Climate Action

More than 6,000 large and small businesses across the United States are calling
on Congress to enact clean energy and climate legislation, according to a new tally compiled by American
Businesses for Clean Energy (ABCE).

These businesses
represent an estimated 3.5 million U.S. employees; total market capitalization exceeding $2.6 trillion; $3.5 trillion in estimated revenue in 2009; 21 Fortune 100 companies; and 49 Fortune 500 companies.

ABCE said the companies are asking
the US Senate and the Obama White House for climate and clean energy

Christopher Van Atten, spokesperson, ABCE said this should be a "wake-up call" for elected officials in Washington.

The five states with the most companies and employees on the list are California, Michigan,
Texas, New York and

The companies involved range from some of America’s largest–including Target (NYSE: TGT), Bank of America (NYSE: BAC),
Boeing (NYSE: BA), General Electric (NYSE: GE), Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F), IBM (NYSE: IBM) to “mom and pop” retailers.

“A clear market based price signal that rewards clean energy
innovation is key for companies
across the country to accelerate our transition to a sustainable clean
energy economy,” said Tim
Greeff, political director, Clean Economy Network and co-manager of the
We Can Lead Campaign.

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