Ontario Announces Contracts for 2,500MW of Renewables

Ontario, Canada announced 184 contracts for large-scale renewable energy projects under its feed-in tariff program.

The projects have the potential to produce up to 2,500 megawatts (MW) in capacity, making this the largest green energy initiative of its kind in Canadian history.

Of the announced projects, 76 are ground-mounted solar, 47 are onshore wind, 46 are water power, 7 are biogas, 2 are biomass, 4 are landfill, 1 is a rooftop solar project, and 1 is an offshore wind project. 20 of the projects are spearheaded by small community groups and 16 are First Nations-led.

This is in addition to 510 medium-sized projects already announced.

The provincial government says the domestic content requirements in these projects will mean thousands of new renewable energy jobs and about $9 billion in private sector investment.

The total 694 contract offers announced to date are expected to create 20,000 direct and indirect jobs.

“In six short months the Feed-in Tariff program has delivered strong results and has more than exceeded our expectations,” said Ontario Power Authority CEO Colin Andersen.

The Premier of Ontario, Dalton McGuinty, made the announcement in Cornwall, located in eastern Ontario–a region where 60 green energy projects with a potential generating capacity of 900 MW have been approved. This includes three 10-MW ground-mounted solar projects in the Cornwall area.

Ontario’s Green Energy Act is part of the government’s Open Ontario Plan. It provides a stable price for clean energy producers in an effort to create up to 50,000 clean energy jobs.

The province intends to phase out all coal-fired power generation by 2014, replacing it with clean energy alternatives.

"Ontario has a vision for green energy–we will be a North American leader. We have practical, aggressive policies to secure green energy generation, research and manufacturing, which will create good jobs in a growing industry," McGuinty said.

Detailed information about the projects, including their locations, is available on the Ontario Power Authority’s websiteat the link below.

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