Navy Retrofits California Base with Lighting Science LEDs

The US Navy is installing LEDs (light emitting diode) made by Lighting Science Group Corporation (LSCG.PK) at the Naval Base Ventura County (NBVC) California in what it says may be the largest lighting retrofit and upgrade in Navy history.

The Navy is relighting the streetscapes, parking lots and the residence quarters at two separate sites on the base–Port Hueneme and Point Mugu.

Tom Santoianni, Energy Manager for the Base said they chose Lighting Science products based on performance and aesthetics.

A total of 1,084 existing streetlights, area lights and parking lot lighting fixtures are being replaced with LED luminaires. Once completed, the retrofit will reduce NBVC’s exterior lighting energy consumption at these locations by nearly 60% and will increase the product lifetime by threefold, thereby reducing maintenance costs.

"The entire project at the two bases will reduce our energy consumption by 317,445 KwH (Kilowatt Hours) which translates into a reduction of 228 metric tons of CO2 emissions* and will cut our annual utility bill by $45,500, based on the average Ventura County, CA utility rate of $0.14.KwH," said Santoianni. "This helps us to set the environmental standard for US Naval Bases."

Four hundred luminaires will replace the current high pressure sodium (HPS) cobra head street lighting fixtures. Lighting Science’s PROLIFIC luminaires deliver approximately 92 lumens per watt, a level that is at the top of industry performance.

For every streetlight that the Navy replaces, power consumption will be reduced by 100 watts which will result in over 1/2 barrel of oil saved and nearly 1/4 ton of CO2 reduced per year.

"In areas where the streetlights have been replaced, the feedback from the on-base community has been positive — people can actually see and experience the upgrade in light quality," Santoianni said.

Five-hundred forty-nine WallPack luminaires will be installed at the bachelor housing facilities at both Port Hueneme and Point Mugu. The Lighting Science WallPack fixtures are designed to illuminate exterior walkways and to provide perimeter and security lighting. The units are expected to last up to three times longer and consume only about 35 watts–less than the amount of energy consumed by a standard table lamp.

The Navy chose 105 ShoeBox luminaires to replace traditional parking and general area lighting fixtures. The ShoeBox luminaire can be used for exterior and interior area lighting applications.

Santoianni had originally specified a competing LED fixture for use at the main entry gate to the Port Hueneme base, which operates 24/7, but after seeing the performance of the Lighting Science ShoeBox luminaire, he changed the specification. "We had chosen a different company’s LED fixture that actually used more energy and delivered more light, but when we saw the lumen output and quality of light that the Lighting Science ShoeBox luminaire provided, we decided it was the better solution for this prominent location," said Santoianni.

Lighting Science Group is headquartered in Satellite Beach, Florida.

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