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Australia’s parliament for the second time rejected a law that would have created a carbon trading scheme in the country.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd wanted the law passed before climate change negotiations in Copenhagen, but the opposition Liberal Party denied its support. 

Under Australian law, Rudd now has the option to call for new parliamentary elections, in an effort to bring in a group of legislators that may be more amenable to his agenda. However a representative of his Labor Party government said they will instead re-introduce the legislation in February for a third go-round. 

"This nation is one of the hottest and driest continents on Earth. We are going to be hit particularly hard and early by climate change," acting Prime Minister Julia Gillard said. "We are determined to deliver the Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, we are determined to deliver real action on climate change."

Read the full Reuters report.

Developing Nations Reject Copenhagen Targets

Diplomats from China and other developing nations have rejected core targets proposed for international climate change negotiations just days ahead of the Copenhagen summit, according to a Reuters report. 

Summit host Denmark presented four proposals in a draft text. 

They include: halving global greenhouse gases by 2050, setting a 2020 deadline for a peak in world emissions, and limiting global warming to a maximum 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial times.

According to Reuters, developing nations are demanding deeper cuts from industrialized nations. They say a 50% target implies that further reductions (which climate scientists say are needed) will be the responsibility of developing nations. 

Read the full report here.

UK Wants Smart Meters on Every Home by 2020

The United Kingdom has set a goal of installing smart meters on all homes by the year 2020. The government said the nation’s energy companies would be responsible for the transition.

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