Methane to Markets Partnership Reduces Emissions

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a new report that shows the international Methane to Markets (M2M) Partnership has significantly reduced methane emissions. In 2008, U.S.-supported M2M projects delivered methane emissions reductions of more than 26 million metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalent, roughly the annual greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from 4.7 million passenger vehicles.

Methane is a greenhouse gas that is more than 20 times as potent as CO2.

The M2M Partnership is a public-private partnership that reduces greenhouse gas emissions by promoting the cost-effective, near-term recovery and use of methane, while providing clean energy to markets around the world.

“This Partnership is win-win-win: it protects our environment, strengthens our global economy, and transforms what would be harmful pollution into a profitable source of clean energy,” said EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson. “Methane pollution captures more than 20 times more heat than carbon dioxide, making it a dangerous contributor to climate change. Methane to Markets has provided business and governments with a global, cost-effective approach that is providing real results for our planet.”

The fourth annual “U.S. Government Accomplishments in Support of the Methane to Markets Partnership” report highlights the projects and activities since the partnership began in November 2004. Through 2008, the United States has provided about $39 million to support more than 170 projects and activities worldwide that increase the capture and use of methane from coal mines, landfills, agricultural waste, and oil and gas systems. In addition, U.S. government investment has leveraged more than $277 million in public and private sector contributions.

The M2M Partnership has grown to include 31 partner governments and more than 900 private sector entities, financial institutions, non-governmental agencies and other organizations.

The report can be read at the link below.

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