All-Electric Truck Introduced As Pace Car At Rocky Mountain Raceway

Green Star Products, Inc. (OTC:GSPI) and Global Green Cars, Inc. (GGCI) introduced their G-3 plug-in electric pickup truck last week at the Rocky Mountain Raceway, where it served as the lead pace car.

The truck has a working payload of 1,000 pounds and can comfortably seat two adults in its expanded club cab and has a top speed of over 85 mph. The average driver should obtain a range of 100 miles between charges, and spend about $1 dollar to fully recharge the nickel-based battery, the automakers said..

Starting all the heats and the main event races at speeds of about 50 mph, the G-3 reportedly handled the sharp corners of the quarter-mile track and accelerated strongly over a three-hour period without recharging.

“Americans have a love affair with their automobiles. Introducing an electric pickup truck by pacing a high-speed auto race shows that this truck will keep up with any traffic situation,” GGCI president Brooks Agnew stated.

The 2010 model vehicles are scheduled to be crash tested starting January 2nd, 2010. In late Spring or early Summer 2010, GGCI plans to start production of the 2010 vehicle models.

Starting prices for the 2010 Electric Delivery Mini-Truck are in the range of $25,000 dollars, which are below any anticipated prices of competitors. The sticker price does not take into account significant rebates from the Federal Government and several States, which could bring the final price below $20,000 dollars.

Seventy percent (70%) of the labor and materials are American, making the G-3 the most American-made small pickup truck in the nation, GGCI said in a statement.

GGCI plans to showcase this vehicle across the United States in coming weeks to demonstrate its range performance abilities.

Global Green Cars (GGCI) is a private company with an International Automobile Consortium of auto industry partners, part suppliers, and electric vehicle component suppliers that have strategic plans for mass production of high performance electric vehicles in the United States and abroad.

Green Star Products, Inc. (OTC: GSPI) is an environmentally friendly company dedicated to creating innovative cost-effective products to improve the quality of life and clean up the environment. Green Star Products and its Consortium are involved in the production of green sustainable goods including renewable resources like algae biodiesel and clean-burning biofuels, cellulosic ethanol and other products, as well as lubricants, additives and devices that reduce emissions and improve fuel economy in vehicles, machinery and power plants.

See video and pictures at the link below.

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