UL Environment Issues First Validation to Serious Materials

UL Environment Inc. (ULE), a subsidiary of product tester Underwriters Laboratories, announced its first validation of environmental claims since its launch in January.

UL Environment validated Serious Materials’ environmental claims for its new drywall product, EcoRock(TM).

An audit was conducted for recycled content; environmental chamber tests were performed to determine volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions; energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence tests were performed to determine mercury content; and microbial resistance tests were performed to determine the product’s resistance to mold.

The UL Environment audit validates the following environmental claims for EcoRock: 80% recycled content, low VOC emissions (meets CA 01350), mercury free, and highly resistant to mold.

Kevin Surace, CEO Serious Materials, said "The launch of UL Environment
Claims Validation service is yet another indicator that energy-saving
building products and green practices are becoming the norm, and not
the alternative."

EcoRock is used like standard gypsum drywall, but requires 80% less energy in its core production, according to Serious Materials. Its manufacturing process eliminates heaters, dryers, calcining, and the burning of fossil fuels.

ULE currently offers Environmental Claims Validation(TM) (ECV), a service testing and verifying manufacturers’ self-declared environmental claims and Sustainable Products Certification(TM) (SPC), a service testing and certifying products to accepted industry standards for environmental sustainability.

ULE said it is developing additional environmental standards, training and advisory services to support organizations in the sustainable products and services industry.

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