White House Watching Climate Change Legislation Unfold

Is the Obama administration easing back on its push to address climate change, or are they taking a hands-off approach to avoid backlash from Congress?

The administration didn’t fight to keep cap-and-trade revenues in the budget resolutions pased by Congress last week. And they have yet to assert short or mid-term details for climate legislation.

However they have an ace in the whole, in that the EPA has begun the necessary steps to regulate greenhouse gas emissions under the Clean Air Act. As a result, the industrial sector is likely to push Congress into legislating the action, so that they have a say in the process. 

Furthermore, Representatives Waxman and Markey are pushing serious climate change legislation in the House, so the White House need not spend its political capital to jumpstart the process.

However the question remains whether Congress will act swiftly enough or boldly enough to provide leadership needed on the international level.

Read extended New York Times coverage at the link below.

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