Gray Wolves Delisted

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service yesterday released a formal rule removing gray wolves from the federal endangered list in Montana and Idaho. Protections will remain in place in Wyoming.

The agency expects to be sued from both directions. Wyoming Attorney General Bruce Salzburg said he will sue over being denied management of wolves. The state has proposed classifying the animals as predators that could be shot on sight in some parts of the state and managed as trophy game in other parts. 

Environmental groups said they would sue over the inadequacy of federal protection for the animals. Doug Honnold, a lawyer with Earthjustice in Montana said they were "going to fight until we can get to legitimate recovery. We think that the population is close to appropriate recovery levels, but it’s not there yet."

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  1. Tanya M.

    The states should incorporate a rule that Grey Wolves can only be killed by hand combat only. No knives or guns. Those farmers in Montana and Idaho need to get in better shape. And the wolves deserve a fighting chance!


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