Australian Wave-Power Company Takes New Approach

An Australian firm has designed a type of wave power generation that uses land-based turbines and desalinates water. 

Carnegie Corp. wants to use relatively shallow wave action to drive underwater piston pumps. These will shoot water through turbines on shore and simultaneously push some through desalination membranes.

The company is working with with British-based wind farm developer Renewable Energy Holdings and French utility EDF (EDF.PA) to develop a 50-megawatt demonstration plant off the southern coast of Australia. 

Researchers say there is enough wave energy along the country’s southern coast to supply the country’s power needs many times over.

Ocean Power Technologies (Nasdaq: OPTT) in December 2008 signed an agreement with to develop wave power projects off the east and south coasts of Australia. 

Read extended Reuters coverage of Carnegie at the link below.

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Comments on “Australian Wave-Power Company Takes New Approach”

  1. John G.

    Wow, ten times over! The whole shoreline would become some sort of “wave piston”. Actually that’s pretty cool when you think about it!


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