'Hydrogen Town' is Largest Demonstration Project in the World

Two housing communities in the southern Japan prefecture of Fukuoka are participating in a four-year demonstration  project to test the viability of hydrogen power, primarily for residential fuel cells.

Nippon Oil Corporation (NPOIF.PK) and Seibu Gas Energy Co. will jointly start installing fuel cell systems in 150 houses later this year. The units are 1 kilowatt-class co-generation systems developed by Nippon that utilize hydrogen in liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).

This system reportedly can supply about 60% of the power consumption and about 80% of the hot water supply of typical households. In addition, energy consumption is said to be reduced by about 30% over conventional systems, and carbon dioxide emissions cut by up to 30%.

The New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) is "Fukuoka Hydrogen Town," which is said to be the largest demonstration project of this type in the world. 

In related news…

Japan’s Mitsubishi Electric Corp. (MIELY.PK) launched eight new models of air conditioners that display on an indoor panel the varying amounts of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and reductions related to their use.

The Kirigamine Move-Eye ZW series room air conditioners also display electricity costs and automatically reduce their level of operation depending on the amount of actvity in a room, as measured by sensors.

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