Stimulus Bill Includes $100B for Cleantech

President Obama’s $825 billion economic stimulus bill includes more
than $100 billion for Cleantech, according to a tabulation by analysts.

Last weekend, the House Ways and Means Committee released details of
President Obama’s $825 billion economic stimulus bill and it includes
$19.96 billion of tax incentives focused on wind and solar. This is in
addition to the $53.75 billion allocated by the House Appropriations
Committee for direct spending on Energy Technology programs. These
programs focusing largely on energy efficiency and the nation’s
electrical grid, according to Ardour Capital Investments.

The Appropriations Committee also allocated $18.27 billion for water
and environmental spending, bring the total for direct subsidies to
approximately $92 billion.

Indirect subsidies put Cleantech total over $100 billion. Outside the
energy and environmental sections of the bill, there is $42.36 billion
in various construction and jobs programs that have a strong focus on
energy efficiency.

"We believe at least 20% of this amount will be spent on CleanTech and
increase the total for the sector to over $100 billion," Ardour Capital
Investments said in a release.

Below is a breakdown of the costs over a 10 year period: 

Total Energy Technology Tax Credits — $19.96 billion
3 Year Production Tax Credit Extension (PTC) — $13.14
Extension of Tax Credits for Improvements to Energy Efficiency on Existing Homes — $4.28
Removal of Limitations on Investment Tax Credit (ITC) — $0.87
Additional Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds — $0.80
Additional Clean Renewable Energy Bonds (CREBs) — $0.58
Temporary Permission to claim the ITC instead of the PTC — $0.22
Tax Credits forInstallation of Alternative Fuel Pumps — $0.05
Increased R&D Credit — $0.02
Grant Program for ITC and PTC — NA

Total Energy Technology Spending — $53.75 billion
Electrical Grid Investments — $11.00
Renewable Energy Loan Guarantees — $8.00
Local Government Energy Efficiency Block Grants — $6.90
Federal Buildings Energy Improvements — $6.70
Low-income Home Weatherization — $6.20
Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Efficiency Improvements — $2.50
Carbon Capture and Sequestration Projects — $2.40
Energy Technology Research Grants — $2.00
Advanced Battery Loans and Grants — $2.00
Scientific Research, Department of Energy — $1.90
Energy Efficiency Grants and Loans for Institutions — $1.50
Replacement of Federal Vehicles — $0.60
Industrial Efficiency Projects — $0.50
Advanced Buses, Trucks for local governments — $0.40
Department of Defense Energy Research — $0.35
Smart Appliances Rebates — $0.30
Diesel Emissions Reduction — $0.30
Electric Transportation Grants — $0.20

Total Water and Environment Spending — $18.27
Clean Water State Revolving Fund — $6.00
Corps of Engineers-Environmental Cleanup — $4.50
Drinking Water State Revolving Fund — $2.00
Rural Water and Waste Disposal — $1.50
Reducing Wildfires Threats — $0.85
Superfund Hazardous Waste Cleanup — $0.80
Bureau of Reclamation- Rural Water and Recycling Projects — $0.50
Nuclear Waste Cleanup — $0.50
Watershed Infrastructure — $0.40
NOAA Habitat Restoration — $0.40
Cleanup at Closed Military Bases — $0.30
International Boundary and Water Commission — $0.22
Leaking Underground Storage Tanks — $0.20
Brownfield Grants — $0.10

Total Indirect CleanTech Spending — $42.36
School Construction (energy efficiency improvements) — $20.00
Purchases of New Buses and other Transportation Equipment — $6.00
Public Housing Capital Fund (energy efficiency improvements) — $5.00
Jobs Training and Employment Services (green Jobs) — $4.00
National Science Foundation  (environmental research) — $3.00
HOME Investment Partnerships (green technologies) — $1.50
Low-Income Home Energy Assistance — $1.00
Veterans Medical Facilities (energy efficiency improvements) — $0.95
Native American Housing Block Grants (energy efficiency improvements) — $0.50
NASA Climate Change Research — $0.40
Self-Help and Assisted Homeownership Program (energy efficiency improvements) — $0.01

Source: House of Representatives Committee on Ways and Means Summary
of "The American Economic Recovery and Reinvestment Plan"; Committee on
Appropriations Report on "The American Economic Recovery and
Reinvestment Plan."

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