Roth Rau To Provide Solar Lines to Korean Firm

Roth & Rau AG (R8R.DE) has received an order to supply two turnkey production lines to the Korean solar cell manufacturer Millinet Solar. At a combined cost of EUR 26.0 million, the two lines, which have production capacities of 60 megawatts (MW) each, are due to be supplied  from June 2009 (1st line) and November 2009 (2nd line).

The Millinet project will be the first project to be handled by Roth
& Rau together with its new cooperation partner, Manz Automation AG (M5Z.DE).

Roth & Rau also released figures showing an increase in new orders in 2008.Orders amounted to EUR 269.2 million, an increasae of 10.1% compared with 2007 (EUR 244.6 million).

The company said in a release the new order "shows that companies are continuing to invest in the development and expansion of production capacities in 2009 as well and that turnkey projects are in especially great demand."

"We nevertheless expect to see more subdued developments in the order situation in the first half of 2009, as some solar cell manufacturers will postpone their investment projects. We expect to see a recovery in this respect at the earliest in the second half of 2009," Dietmar Roth, CEO of Roth & Rau AG said.

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