SMA Technologie Breaks Ground on Solar Inverter Factory

SMA Technologie AG has broken ground on a new factory that will expand production capacity to meet the increasing demand for solar inverters. It is scheduled for completion in the fall of 2008.

The new SMA inverter factory covers approximately 25,000 square meters, incorporates a CO2 neutral energy concept for industrial buildings, is equipped with state-of-the-art production facilities and will triple the company’s current production capacity. 

"With our new production building, we are once again significantly optimizing our manufacturing processes and also setting new standards in the energy efficiency of industrial buildings.", said SMA CEO Günther Cramer.

About SMA Technologie AG 

SMA Technologie AG with its headquarters in Niestetal, Germany, and eight international subsidiaries on four continents sells solar inverters, a central component of every solar power system. This global market leader in solar inverters currently employs 1,900 employees and based on the group’s provisional figures, has generated sales totaling approximately 330 million euros in 2007.

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  1. David matsatsa

    It sounds interesting,how do i become a distributor for yo products in Southern Africa Zimbabwe.


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