Truck Makers Agree to Develop More Efficient Models

The 21st Century Truck Initiative, announced late last month, is a government/business partnership to develop super fuel-efficient commercial trucks and buses. In the FY2001 budget, the Clinton Administration proposes an increase of 48 percent (from $47M-$142M) in research dollars to support research in advanced engines, fuel cells, lightweight materials, advanced propulsion technologies, vehicle design, and advanced emission control and vehicle safety systems.

Within 10 years, the agreement should result in “production prototypes:”

– heavy pickups, large delivery vans, and passenger buses with triple the fuel economy
– 18-wheeler long-haul trucks with double the fuel economy
– emissions reductions that exceed 2010 requirements

The partners in this effort are the Departments of Defense, Energy, Transportation, and EPA, and Mack Trucks, Oshkosh Trucks, PACCAR, Volvo Trucks North America, Cummins Engine Company, Caterpillar, Detroit Diesel Corporation, Eaton Corporation, and Lockheed Martin Control Systems.

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