Ford & DaimlerChrysler Exit the Global Climate Coalition

Ford Motor Company and DaimlerChrysler quit the Global Climate Coalition, an industry group that lobbies against restrictions on greenhouse gas emissions, arguing that the science linking them to global warming is unsound. In leaving the Coalition, both companies pointed to the credible evidence that links greenhouse gases to global warming and stated that membership in the GCC is impeding their ability to make progress on environmental initiatives. Both companies also remain opposed to the Kyoto agreement; Ford because of the treaty’s exemptions for developing nations and DaimlerChrysler because of its preference for technological solutions. Ford is the first member of GCCs board to leave. British Petroleum, Shell Oil, and Dow Chemical left the coalition over the past two years.

This month yet another report was issued stating the warming of the Earth’s surface
is “undoubtedly real,” this time by researchers of the National Academies of Sciences. It finds that surface temperatures in the past two decades have risen at a rate substantially greater than average for the past 100 years.

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