Green Century Mutual Fund Ranks #6

The Green Century Balanced Fund, with a total return of 30.55 percent for one-year ending September 30, was ranked #6 of all 421 balanced funds tracked by Lipper Analytical Services, Inc.

Jackson Robinson, the portfolio’s manager and President of Winslow Management Company, stated, “In a year of relatively lower returns for many stocks and mutual funds, many of the proactive environmental companies in which the Fund invests shone, such as AstroPower and Vestas Wind Systems in the alternative/renewable energy sector. This success puts hard numbers behind our belief that green companies may have a competitive advantage.”

A total of US$2 trillion is now invested in a socially responsible manner, representing about 13 percent of the $16 trillion total of funds under professional management.
The fastest growing component of socially responsible investing is the growth of portfolios that employ both screening and shareholder advocacy, in which shareholders use their ownership positions to mold corporate action.

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