Environmental, Business Groups Urge Aggressive Energy Goals to Gore

17 member groups of the Sustainable Energy Coalition sent comments to Vice President Al Gore, urging the Administration to set aggressive goals in its draft executive order for using energy efficient and renewable energy technologies in federal buildings.

The groups recommend the “Federal government should lead the nation in reducing carbon emissions by setting a government-wide goal of 20 percent below 1990 baseline by 2010.” They propose that by 2005, 10 percent of Federal facilities’ electricity come from renewable energy (including hydroelectric up to 30 MW), increasing by 1 percent each year thereafter, such that, by 2020, 25 percent of the Federal energy supply is from renewable sources. They suggest EPA Energy Star standards be used for all products for which such standards have been set or, where not available, products that are either in the upper 25 percent of energy efficiency or at least 10 percent more efficient than minimum levels” be purchased.

The Sustainable Energy Coalition is a coalition of 36 national business,
consumer, environmental, and energy policy organizations founded in 1992 to
promote improved energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies.

Contact: Ken Bossong: kbossong@cais.com

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