Students Audit DOE Building

An energy audit by public high school students in Washington D.C. determined that
energy costs at the U.S. DOEs Forrestal Building could be significantly reduced by
making modifications to the already efficient building.

The students presentation to DOE personnel suggested upgrading single pane windows, cleaning light fixtures, taking greater advantage of daylight, and installing window coverings and selective light switches.

The student audit was part of an innovative program called Savings Through Energy
Management (STEM). Students calculated that with their suggested modifications, annual energy costs could be reduced by more than $250,000.

Students participated in a 30-hour course that focused on energy use patterns and
resources; lighting and electrical use; heating; ventilation and air conditioning; energy audits; and renewable energy sources. Before their work at the DOE building, they audited their own schools and presented results to the Washington D.C. school board. They also visited DOEs National Renewable Energy Lab to see renewable energy in action.

STEM is part of DOEs Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energys effort to
provide energy information to students and teachers.

Julia Thomas, NREL Public Affairs:

FROM Solar Today

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