Chemical Industry Agrees to Test 2800 Chemicals … Quickly

Of the 2,800 most widely-used chemicals, complete data on health effects is
available for only 7 percent. The Chemical Manufacturers Association as agreed to test these chemicals for environmental and health effects over the next six years, as opposed to the 50 years it would normally take. These chemicals are produced or imported at a volume of more than one million pounds per year.

Under the agreement, companies will voluntarily test the chemicals they
manufacture and make the information available to the public. Cost estimates for
the program range from $500-700 million. The American Petroleum Institute,
whose members produce many of the chemicals, endorsed the agreement. The
program is much cheaper and more efficient from industry’s perspective, and
faster and more comprehensive from the public’s perspective.

The EPA will use its regulatory power to require more testing if companies do
not voluntarily provide information in a timely manner.

The site is not active yet, but results will be posted as they become available: [sorry this link is no longer available]

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