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08/21/2013 11:57 AM     print story email story  

Successful Leasing Model Comes to Small Wind News

Solar leasing has been such a successful model for rapidly expanding solar installations in the US that it's being adopted across renewable energy technologies - geothermal, fuel cells and now, small wind.

In all of these situations, upfront costs are the biggest barrier and as most of you know by now, being able to lease a system removes those costs. It also takes the risk out of owning and operating the systems. 

United Wind is introducing WindLeaseTM for wind turbines 10 kilowatts (kW) and higher - targeting larger residential customers, schools, commercial, small industrial, and agricultural land owners.

Installed in 2010, two 6 kW wind turbines produce more than half the electricity for North Kohala Public Library in Hawaii. 

Wind: Small United Wind system on library 

United Wind is entering this market by merging its most important elements - distribution and the ability to evaluate how well wind will perform on sites.

Two companies merged to form United Wind. Talco is a small wind distributor in the US with a network of about 100 dealers and 150 installations, and Wind Analytics developed software for small wind projects that quickly, accurately and remotely analyzes the wind potential of a site and its associated financial benefits. You can get an estimate right on the website.

As in solar leasing, when a customer leases a small wind system, the company handles everything from getting a permit to financing and installing the turbines. The customer simply signs a long-term lease and gets a guaranteed electricity price for the duration of the contract.

Small wind systems are finding a strong niche and Home Depot even sells them in windier parts of the country. 

Here is their website:


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