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Vote Today: Greener, Fairer Economy Or NOT News

by Rona Fried

Today's the big day that will decide how this country is governed for the coming years.

Just as important as the vote for president is your vote for the entire ticket - from House and Senate members to local legislators and judges.

The House is expected to remain in Republican hands, which means they will continue to block most everything Obama wants to do if he's re-elected, or they will make sure Romney moves as far-right as possible if he's elected.

For those of you who base your votes at least partially on who will be best for renewable energy, clean technology and the environment, there are some great guides out there. Your local chapter and national League of Conservation Voters and your local chapter and national Sierra Club can quickly give you the information you need to discriminate between candidates.

If employers can coerce their employees to vote Republican, I can at least emphasize the fact that when you look at the many articles we've written since Obama was elected, pretty much EVERY innovative piece of legislation that would move us to a green and fair economy for all has come from Democrats.

It's not that I see Obama as an ideal candidate, but the choice is clear. He understands that climate change is a real and present threat and supports meaningful legislation to address it. He understands the importance - and has provided strong support - for transitioning to renewable energy and efficiency in the US and to creating strong industries here. Romney has no views of his own, he simply curries favor and will be a puppet for the far right.

There are so many issues at stake beyond clean technology: preserving women's rights (Roe vs Wade), Medicare and Social Security, a budget that reduces our debt responsibly (including Pentagon's budget) rather than decimating programs that benefit average Americans.

The next president will surely appoint at least one - and up to four - Supreme Court judges. If another conservative is appointed, it will tip the balance to the most right-wing court the US has had.

In the House and Senate, Democrats pushed hard for the Disclose Act, which Republicans filibustered, and they are working for a constitutional amendment to overturn the Supreme Court Citizens' United decision.

The Koch Brothers and the fossil fuel industry wholeheartedly support Republicans for a reason. They want the renewable energy industry to go away and are working behind the scenes to make that happen. They want the Keystone tar sands pipeline approved and are working to eliminate state Renewable Portfolio Standards, Clean Fuel Standards and regional climate cap-and-trade pacts. They want all environmental regulations gone and will continue blocking EPA's efforts to regulate greenhouse gas emissions.

On the other hand, Democrats have repeatedly introduced legislation to create a national Renewable Energy Standard, renew renewable energy subsdies and abolish those for fossil fuels, and take action on climate change. 

If Republicans win, they will do so by Lying, Cheating and Money. There is no comparison between the parties here. The persistent outright lies, combined with voter suppression (that's cheating) and boat loads of conservative money are how they plan to win.

Here are some of the articles we've written:

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Rona Fried is CEO of

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