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04/27/2012 10:33 AM     print story email story  

Peru Passes Climate Change Legislation News

Peru announced it would implement a climate change law, noting the absence of an international treaty.

The government says the country is experiencing disturbing climactic changes. "If we don't do something we will have problems with water supplies along the coasts, we know there will be more droughts, more rains ... we are already seeing temperature changes," Mariano Felipe Soldan, head of the government's strategic planning office, told Reuters.

A glacier on Peru's Huaytapallana Moutain is half the size it was just 23 years ago, reinforcing concerns of the growing threat to fresh water resources as climate change advances. 

A 2009 World Bank report warned that Andean glaciers could disappear in 20 years if no action on climate change is taken. They are already reduced by 22%, resulting in 12% less fresh water reaching the coast - where the majority of people live.

Few details on Peru's plan have been disclosed other than it is long-term and will address illegal logging in the biodiverse Amazon, and will foster a green economy by switching to renewable energy and fuels.

Similar laws are being implemented in Chile, Argentina, Colombia and Brazil.

Last week, Mexico passed national climate change legislation.

Will the US be last in the world to do this?

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jan freed

Date Posted:
04/28/12 01:46 PM

Answer to last question: Only if unalloyed greed reigns supreme.

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