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11/29/2010 09:48 AM     print story email story  

Sunflower Wind Buys Energy Storage Units from ZBB Energy News

ZBB Energy Corporation (NYSE AMEX: ZBB) announced it has received a purchase order and executed a letter of intent with Sunflower Wind, LLC for the purchase of multiple units of ZBB energy storage devices.

Detailed terms were not disclosed.

The device integrates a Power & Energy Control Center--the ZESS POWR PECC--with ZBB's ZESS 50 Zinc Bromide energy storage.

ZBB's technology offers Sunflower the ability to integrate multiple power inputs with their 100 KW (Model SW100B) wind turbine to provide backup power and load balancing in a variety of diverse applications.

The device is a hybrid power system that converts any combination of wind, solar, hydro or other generating sources to independently optimize the control of each generating source while providing a "steady-state" power output to electrical loads or directly to the grid.

Sunflower Wind President Dan Rasure said ZBB's modular, configurable and scalable approach allows for Sunflower to quickly and efficiently integrate multiple power inputs, renewable and conventional, with their wind turbine technology. "ZBB's solution allows us to address the needs of diverse applications, such as commercial buildings and wireless communication towers, with a fully integrated system that is delivered in a configuration that is readily interconnected with the local customer, utility and our wind turbine tower," said Dan.

ZBB Energy provides distributed intelligent power management platforms that directly integrate multiple renewable and conventional onsite generation sources with rechargeable zinc bromide flow batteries and other storage technology. ZBB Energy was founded in 1998 and is headquartered in Wisconsin with offices also located in Perth, Western Australia.

Sunflower Wind, established in 2007 and located in Hutchinson, KS is a manufacturer and integrator of turbines and turbine generator sets serving a variety of markets and applications including cellular towers, commercial buildings and remote village power.


Reader Comments (2)


Date Posted:
11/29/10 05:10 PM

We at Energywyze agrees with energy storage is key for sustaining energy production. Since a renewable source like wind is not always there, storage will level out the demand of energy when wind has stopped. This back up system would be great for charging while there is wind and then dispersed when wind is not available. It will also level the peaks and valleys of energy production seen in electrical graphs. We at Energywyze also provide a similar solutions in different aspect where motors consume electricity. There are in some cases peak demand that can be reduced at start up. In some of our evaluations we have assessed close to 40% inefficiencies at these motors at a condominium building which ran 8 compressors. In their case a continued imbalance of their motors will be fatal and soon be a result of replacing the expensive motors. Feel free to take a look at our website at and give us a call. Tony Z.

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Date Posted:
06/27/11 04:11 PM

An order from Sunflower Wind is not the same as being paid by Sunflower Wind. Has anyone looked at that company closely? They order and never pay their bills. BEWARE !!!

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