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11/10/2010 11:06 AM     print story email story  

EPA Subpoenas Halliburton On Fracking Chemicals News

The U.S. Environmental Projection Agency (EPA) has issued a subpoena to Halliburton (NYSE: HAL), following the company's refusal to fully comply with a request for information about the chemicals used in its hydraulic fracturing (aka fracking) process for natural gas extraction. 

EPA said Halliburton is the lone holdout, among nine companies from which the agency requested information.

EPA’s congressionally mandated hydraulic fracturing study will look at the potential adverse impact of the practice on drinking water and public health. The agency is under a deadline to provide initial results by the end of 2012 and the thoroughness of the study depends on timely access to detailed information about the methods used for fracturing, EPA said.

According to a MSNBC report, a Halliburton spokeswoman, Teresa Wong, said the agency's request, made in September, was overly broad and could require the company to prepare about 50,000 spreadsheets.

"We have met with the agency and had several additional discussions with EPA personnel in order to help narrow the focus of their unreasonable demands so that we could provide the agency what it needs to complete its study of hydraulic fracturing," Wong said.

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Reader Comments (1)

Kenneth Madore

Date Posted:
12/06/10 10:48 AM

My opinion is this. It's dangerous for us and the environment. Some of these gas pocket are under unimaginable pressures, like a needle hitting a balloon the size of pluto. It's not worth it when we have many natural ways of getting our energy. The problem is where a capitalist country and if they can't control clean tech to their advantage or make a buck. They will do what ever they can to hinder clean energies like Solar,wind,and geothermal and to a large degree they have. We either need to end our capitalistic way or suffer another world war due to capital greed by The nation 1%. I just hope citizen of our Great country will whats right and stop them. I know will do what I can. By staying green and using green energies.

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