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07/16/2010 10:00 AM     print story email story  

Update: Tesla Motors to Deliver Prototypes to Toyota News

New press release identifies the vehicles as the RAV4 and changes the details concerning prototype delivery.

Electric car company Tesla Motors (Nasdaq: TSLA) verified details of its development deal with Toyota (NYSE: TM).

The companies have signed an agreement to initiate the development of an electric version of the RAV4. Tesla will deliver a "fleet" of prototypes to Toyota by the end of the year that will contain Tesla-designed elecric powertrains. The first prototype has already been built and is now undergoing testing, Tesla said in a release.

Unconfirmed reports first suggested such an agreement was set in place in May when Toyota agreed to invest $50 million in Tesla, if the company went public this year. 

Tesla began trading on the Nasdaq on June 29. Share prices surge around 50% in the first week of trading before settling around the IPO price of $17. 


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04/11/13 08:28 PM

How much time it will take to charge the btieartes after they are in the minimum?Are there going to be -or are there all ready displayed- different types of chargers?, or with only one type it would be enough for all the different EVb4s? How much consumption of energy itb4s going to be needed for every charge? Could this btieartes charges be only with friendly sources of energy?Itb4s there all ready a standard for the electrical plugs ? have a nice day guys

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