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04/14/2010 10:09 AM     print story email story  

Windstream Energy To Develop Canada's First Offshore Wind Project News

Windstream Wolfe Island Shoals Inc., a subsidiary of Windstream Energy LLC has been awarded a contract by the Ontario Power Authority to develop Canada’s first offshore wind site.

The award is part of the latest round of contracts offered under the province's feed-in tariff program.

The 300-megawatts (MW) site is located west of Wolfe Island Ontario on approximately 48,000 acres of shallow water shoals in Lake Ontario.

Windstream Energy was also advised that its ten on-shore projects, totalling 745 MW, have been placed in the Economic Connection Test queue for future review. The first such test is scheduled for the August/September time frame.

Wolfe Island is one of the windiest areas of the province and has proven local support for wind development, according to Ian Baines, President of Windstream Energy commented.

Baines has ties to the area as a graduate of Queen’s University and as the founder of Canadian Renewable Energy Corporation, the original developer of the 200-MW Wolfe Island EcoPower® Centre, which is adjacent and down-wind from the Windstream site.

Mark Bell, EVP of Windstream added “Off-shore wind power has been growing at a tremendous rate in Europe because of the steady, reliable winds that occur off-shore. These advantages are now being recognized in North America and we are proud that Wolfe Island Shoals has been selected as the first offshore wind project in Canada.”


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11/10/15 07:58 PM

The contract to prahcuse Siemens wind turbines happened AFTER the offshore moratorium. (I remember thinking at the time that prahcuse was either poor business decision or that there was escape clause.) Scary that Windstream is angling for relocation onshore, but how can switching to solar utilize the turbines it contracted for?? VERY poor business decision, or else Windstream must think that rest of us are morons to not guess that there's an escape clause! (Latter, I'm sure)Unlike Trillium, which sued Ontario, Windstream first went the lobbying route, organizing LOON. They must now think that lobbying route won't work. Change in expectations is coincident with McGuinty's resignation?As retired biologist commented, The plot sickens.

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