Please Help Wolves, Good News for Sharks, Tuna


We’ve been reporting on the decimation of wolf populations in the lower 48 states since Representatives from Idaho and Montano slipped in language as amendments to the2011 Budget bill. For the first time, political motivations overruled science – and wolves were removed from the Endangered Species Act with their “management” turned back to the states: Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and the Great Lakes states. Since then, it’s been open season on wolves – brutally killing pups, moms and entire families.  About 1500 wolves have been murdered after decades of government action to coax their return from near extinction. And that’s from a population high of 350 wolves in Wyoming, 625 in Montana – about 1600 in the Rockies states – and about 4000 in Wisconsin, Minnesota and Michigan.  Wolves had returned to just 5% of their original range. States are required to maintain a population of at least 150 wolves, including 15 breeding pairs, to prevent being put back on the Endangered Species List. Because of public outrage, the Fish & Wildlife Service has agreed to hold public hearings on their plan to remove wolves from the Endangered Species List in all lower 48 states. If you care about wolves and the critical role they play in healthy ecosystems, please either attend a meeting (or tell your friends) […]

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