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Emerging Futures Published: April 22, 2021
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Emerging Futures is a research and analysis consultancy established in 2016. It focuses on two broad areas: climate change mitigation, and the commercial development of space. Our climate change practice is comprehensive, with expertise in renewable electricity, hydrogen, low-carbon fuels, transportation technologies (including shared, electric, and automated vehicles), grid management, energy-efficient devices, and emerging technologies.

  • We provide research, simulation, forecasting, resource assessment, market analysis, life cycle inventory, and technical writing and editing to a diverse range of government, academic, non-profit, and commercial clients.

Position Overview

The advertised position, "Scientific Computing, Python Optimization / Electric Vehicle Charging," will support a project called “Managed Electric Truck Charging Total Cost of Infrastructure and Grid Impacts” for a U.S.-based environmental non-profit client. The project entails estimating the economic benefits of managed (also known as “smart”) charging of electric trucks on a regional U.S. grid.

The project has three main tasks:

  1. Quantitatively assess the total cost of charging infrastructure, including the addition of distributed energy resources (DERs = solar photovoltaic array plus battery).
  2. Using a modeling framework developed by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (V2G-Sim), simulate unmanaged and optimized managed charging of electric truck fleets.
  3. Estimate grid expansion savings due to managed charging and DERs.

We seek a competent Python coder for the second task, modifying and running the V2G-Sim model to achieve project goals. The candidate must also understand (or have an interest in learning about) electric trucks, managed charging operations and cost structures, distributed energy resources, and electric grid management and economics.

The ideal candidate is a graduate student or early-career professional with demonstrated Python coding ability, and experience working with electric vehicles (specifically, managed charging and/or trucks), electric grids, and energy economics. While the V2G-Sim code has recently been modified for another client with extensive documentation, it is complex. As a result, the candidate will need to quickly learn several key components of the model in order to effectively modify it to perform the required simulations, provide suitable outputs, and help the team prepare a final report.


The successful candidate will speak and write excellent English, including the ability to clearly communicate and understand complex technical information, and be comfortable receiving constructive criticism. As you will be working closely with the CEO, a compatible personality is also important.


If you are selected, work would begin on or before April 1, and would extend until August 31 (the end date is not flexible as it is fixed by the client). The bulk of the work would need to occur between April and July. While there is no required schedule of work hours, you must be available for regular weekly check-in meetings and occasional briefings with the client, as well as calls or written exchanges (text, email) at other times.

We estimate your role will require between 200 and 250 hours of work, depending on your work style, and unexpected issues that may emerge in the course of the project. Upon satisfactory completion of the project, we would be happy to write you a professional recommendation or provide you access to our professional network, as applicable and appropriate.


  • Depending on your experience and other considerations, we will agree on an hourly rate of between $40 and $70. You would work as an independent consultant with no additional benefits or withheld taxes, and would need to provide your own computer equipment, stable internet connection, and workspace; these cannot be provided to you.
  • There is no travel reimbursement. However, payment for a specialized software license and/or cloud computing access will be permitted if it is deemed necessary and of a reasonable amount (less than $1,000).
  • If you are a student needing tuition assistance, we might be able to make arrangements with your school, but your hourly rate could be reduced to stay within the project budget.

To Apply

Please click "Apply" below to include a resume and brief cover letter outlining your background, qualifications (including previous coding work in Python), why you want to work on the project, and any special circumstances we should consider.

Thank you for your interest!

Emerging Futures is an equal-opportunity employer and values a diverse BIPOC and LGBTQ+ friendly workplace.

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