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Akuo Energy Published: May 15, 2018
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~ Akuo Energy develops, finances, builds and operates renewable energy power plants all over the world. ~

Akuo Energy was created in 2007 by the founders of Perfect Wind, who a year earlier had sold their entire wind portfolio (600MW) to Iberdrola. A company 80%-owned by its co-founders, Akuo Energy is the product of the combination of two observations: “it is now possible for all of us to act to ensure we leave a better world for our children”, and “renewable energy offers incredible growth potential in France and around the world”.

This is why, since its very early days, Akuo Energy has been committed to developing and operating projects that go beyond simply producing renewable power and create additional social benefits for the inhabitants of the areas in which they are located. This strategy has allowed Akuo Energy to establish itself as France’s leading independent producer of renewable energy in just a few short years.

Position Overview

The Asset Manager / Electrical Engineer will be familiar with substation design, operations and maintenance, SCADA systems, protection relays, system controls, and networking requirements in order to maintain operations safely and efficiently. The Asset Manager / Electrical Engineer should be familiar with NERC compliance for CIP low sites and have a familiarity with protecting against cyber-security threats, as well as operating within the environment of ERCOT, TRE, and AEP.

The Asset Manager / Electrical Engineer will lead and manage all aspects of substation operations, maintenance, troubleshooting and compliance related to renewable power plant operations and optimize its performance under strict safety requirements which at a minimum will meet or exceed OSHA requirements. The Asset Manager / Electrical Engineer will also develop and maintain relationships and communicate with GE wind technical teams, local grid utilities, and other Akuo Energy USA employees (other site managers, developers, business controllers, etc.).

Additionally, specific duties of the Asset Manager / Electrical Engineer will lead him to integrate asset management tools to the global Akuo’s IT architecture and to maintaining and troubleshooting project substations and oversee debugging communication troubles, remote supervision tools and databases for a fluent and continuous reporting and reliable transmission of data to the local grid entities and off-takers.


Site Operations and Maintenance:

  • Comply with all OSHA and AkUO Safety Rules and Regulations.
  • Ensure OSHA require site postings are current and correct.
  • Oversee all aspects of Operations and Maintenance at two operational sites including all monthly and quarterly checks.
  • Work and coordinate with AKUO Director of Safety to customise safety procedures to the AKUO environment.
  • Perform substation and PMT switching, substation de-energization and re-energization, coordination with regulatory bodies during outages.
  • Document what you do and do what you document.
  • Create and Maintain Critical Infrastructure Plan, Physical Security Plans, Emergency Work Plan, Site Security Protocols.
  • Create detailed procedures and checklists of all maintenance and inspection work performed. Populate and maintain maintenance directory.
  • Troubleshoot and coordinate with contractors troubleshooting activities for substation maintenance issues.
  • Validate design against actual as built systems. Be familiar with all as built design drawings and system studies.
  • Support all Contractors requests for information, site presence during any testing, outages.
  • Track daily turbine maintenance and activity and Maintain Daily Operator’s Log.
  • Inspection Turbines after maintenance activities; spot check work done during maintenance work. Maintain punchlist of work identified during maintenance activities and track successful completion.
  • Perform all required BOP maintenance activities: battery inspections, visual inspections on substation components, generator servicing, HVAC, vegetation inspections on T-line, road inspections, SWPP inspections.
  • Maintain turbine availability downtime list, comment and adjust as required.
  • Track and validate the Monthly Production Based Availability Calculation.
  • Consistently implement three-part communication.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with participating landowners.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with local county officials.

NERC Compliance:

  • Be familiar with the creation, modification and adjustment of RARFs and RSAWs.
  • Modify / Improve current NERC Compliance documents and coordinate with NERC Consultant.
  • Maintain NERC Compliance database.

SCADA Networking / IT:

  • Commission local and remote networks, supervision softwares provided by suppliers and developed by Akuo with the support of international technical experts from Akuo.
  • Validate and maintain current SCADA systems, supervision software to ensure proper functioning and telemetry delivery to various stakeholders. Augment as required where little to no SCADA system exists.
  • Maintain thorough SOP for on and off-site connectivity to the various SCADA systems.
  • Troubleshoot SCADA systems and be able to map entire system architecture.
  • Verification / Testing of communication, connectivity, alarm functionality, veracity of signals and interface testing. Validate controls and monitoring processes.
  • Debug the actual problems - loss of communication, incorrect alarm settings, remote hardware diagnosis.
  • Ensure system network is compliant with CIP low standards.
  • Define and apply a preventive and curative maintenance of the software: create backup databases, cleaning, optimize server performance.
  • Implement and adapt technical reporting tools for performance monitoring of the turbines (gap analysis tools, monthly and quarterly reporting).
  • Define and apply a preventive and curative maintenance of the software: create backup databases, cleaning, optimize server performance.
  • If necessary, setting up of VPN links inside substation and O&M buildings and for remote access from Akuo’s regional offices.
    Verification of correct installation and configuration of on-site computers and historian data collectors for Akuo’s supervision systems.
  • Check of tags from OPC servers (turbines’ SCADA, met masts and substation RTACs) and ensure the data retrieval for all signal is properly functioning.
  • With support from other IT engineers based in Europe, implement and test AKUO’s IT tools (VDOC – invoicing and resource management, AKDB – Akuo group exchange platform, AKSES - Akuo Energy Supervision Energy System - and AKAM - AKuo Asset Management tool).
  • Support the asset management team for the search for and implementation of commercial tools for execution of invoicing, market data management, interaction with QSE and other Asset Management tasks related to power production and purchasing activities.
  • Support IT supervision tools for the asset management team in the US and contribute to other projects il the US, Latin America and possibly Asia in close cooperation with international teams.
  • Document what you do and do what you document.



  • Master of Science or equivalent in Mechanical or Electrical Engineering; ideally with programming, SCADA, and substation background or knowledge. Equivalent work experience will be considered.
  • Focuses on Safety above all and has familiarity with High Voltage safety practices.
  • Demonstrated hands on experience with in an operations setting.
  • Prior experience navigating a TRE Audit Process a plus.
  • Prior experience of two years in turbine maintenance (wind farms as a plus).
  • Prior experience in maintaining and inspecting turbine components, blades, substation equipment, communication system or strong skills developed by yourself.
  • Operate at the highest-level integrity and confidentiality.
  • Demonstrates strong culture of compliance with appropriate organization structure.
  • Strong Training Record.
  • Proficiency with the Microsoft Office suite of products (Word, Excel, Outlook).
  • Focuses on documenting control processes and eschews tribal knowledge.
  • Salary depends on experience and qualifications.


  • English – Fluent.
  • Spanish – as a plus.


  • Integrity and “Keep ‘em flying” work ethic.
  • Contribute to the development of Akuo culture (team spirit, adaptability, autonomy, pragmatism and also, making a difference for a better world).
  • Must have rigorous organization skills and be documentation and process focused with skills in data analysis, wind turbine performance analysis, electrical engineering, maintenance engineering, etc.
  • Working at height a requirement.
  • Detail oriented, technically minded.
  • Organization and sense of priorities.

Additional Information

Locations and Duration of Assignment:

Rocksprings (Del Rio, TX):

  • Permanent Location.
  • possibility of accommodation in Del Rio (30 min drive from the site).

Sterling Wind Farm (Tatum, NM):

  • 2-3 days per month.
  • possibility of accommodation in Lovington (30min drive from the site).

Akuo’s Regional Office, San Antonio, TX :

  • As required but minimum quarterly.

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