US: Southwest

CALCEF Clean Energy Angel Fund

Contact: Susan Preston
Work 5 Third St. Suite 1125 San Francisco CA 94110 United States Work Phone: (415) 957 5862 Website:


California Clean Energy Fund (CALCEF) is a non-profit venture capital fund of funds that makes indirect investments in companies through partnership with venture capital firms.

We also have a distinct for-profit entity, the Clean Energy Angel Fund, which directly invests in first outside round and seed stage enterprises located throughout the US.

The fund focuses on renewable energy, energy efficiency, energy storage, transportation and other products and services designed to enhance the clean energy sector. Our optimal investment size is $300K to $500K.

Portfolio companies include: Allopartis (biofuels); Bridgelux and HIDLabs (efficient lighting); Fat Spaniel (energy management); ARXX (green building); Blue Egg (Internet marketplace); Tesla Motors (electric cars).

Categories: $250,000 - $500,000, Building & Construction, Community Development Venture Capital Firm, Energy: Any, Equity, Industrial Technologies, Internet / Media, Seed, Transportation, US: Anywhere
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