Less than $250,000


Contact: Christine Singer
Work 383 Franklin Street Bloomfield NJ United States Work Phone: 973-680-8066 Website: http://www.energyhouse.com/


E+Co provides business development services and seed capital for clean energy services in developing countries. We  support indigenous enterprises that provide a reliable and affordable source of clean energy.

We focus on renewable energy solutions that are practical for poor communities including: solar energy, methane gas production from biodigestors, biofuels, energy efficient stoves, small scale hydro-electric, wind, and LPG. 

Investments range from $25,000 to $1 million.  

To date E+Co has provided support to over 110 enterprises in Africa, Asia and Latin America. E+Co co-manages UNEP’s Rural Energy Environment and Development programmes in Africa, Brazil, and China.

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