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Climate Change Capital

Contact: Alex Betts
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Climate Change Capital operates a number of funds directed towards the clean technology sector. We have a private equity fund, a property fund, and an infrastructure finance fund. Our investments are focused on Europe-based companies and projects.

Our private equity fund invests in expansion capital into later stage companies and finance management buy-outs ranging from €5-20m per company. We typically make equity investment in minority or control-positions, typically as lead or co-lead investor. We target investments in the high growth clean technology areas of: clean power – renewable energy and cleaner fossil fuels; clean transport – biofuels and transport efficiency; energy efficiency – electricity grid improvements, storage solutions and energy efficient buildings, devices and processes; waste recovery – energy from waste and materials recycling; water – desalination, advanced water treatment and water efficiency solution. Our private equity fund presently has investments in Climate Energy (energy efficiency), Nualight (LEDs). PowerPlus (smartgrid), SulfurCell, EnerQos, MetallKraft (solar).

The Ventus Funds are our project finance funds which have raised over £60 million. Since 2005 the Ventus Funds have invested in over 20 projects, totalling over 50 megawatts of capacity across a range of generating technologies including: onshore wind power, landfill gas, hydro electric and biomass. Our investment activities are primarily focused on minority stakes in small to medium sized UK renewable energy projects and companies with operating assets.

Our property fund focuses on UK-based urban, non car-dependent, locations with £15-35m gross value per property. We typically invest in offices, retail, mixed use properties.

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