Central & South America


Contact: Tige Savage
Work 1717 Rhode Island Ave North West Washington District of Columbia 20036-3023 United States Work Phone: 202-776-1400 Website: http://www.revolution.com/


Revolution LLC is a principal investment firm specializing in investments in resort, living, money, digital, and health sectors. The firm seeks to take controlling stake in its portfolio companies. Revolution takes environmental sustainability into account in both our resort and living focus areas. We currently own multiple resorts and land development companies that integrate sustainability as well as a car sharing company, Zipcar.

Revolution’s business model will yield a superior product on multiple levels, from quality services and amenities, to architecture and landscape designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and based on sound principles for sustainability. But at Revolution, "wellness" is a lifestyle – one that encourages people to have happy, fulfilling, vital and healthy lives. Wellness extends beyond the individual by taking responsibility for the health of our environmental, as it is integral to all life and our future.

Categories: $5M or more, Agriculture / Forestry, Buyout, Central & South America, Ecotourism / Land Development, Equity, Internet / Media, Life Sciences, Lifestyle / Natural Products, North America, Private Equity Fund, Transportation
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